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For over 30 years, Dr Jim Pollard has been providing complete comprehensive dentistry for all ages. Our knowledgeable staff and state of the art office ensure that your visit will be an excellent experience. We pride ourselves on being able to handle almost any dental need in one location, without the need of a referral. To all of us here at Pollard Family Dentistry, our patients are not just a set of teeth but a family member. Call us today at (515) 233-3303 to discover why Pollard Family Dentistry is the best choice for both you and your family’s oral care. This is our service and I can ensure you that our services are top-notch. We do our best to save and beautify your teeth. Your satisfaction is our top most priority.

Did we mention we are Invisalign Preferred Providers, and associated with both Wellmark and Delta Dental?

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A crown is a procedure to strengthen existing tooth structure and creating a more aesthetic appearance. Most people realize that crowns make our teeth stronger, but crowns also make our teeth less likely to get cavities, especially when compared to a tooth that has large existing fillings. A crown basically replaces the enamel, the hardest substance, in our bodies, which would have originally covered a healthy tooth.

Cosmetic Dentistry

There are so many exciting and varied procedures and treatments in Dentistry that we can provide our patients. We see firsthand the impact we can have on their smiles and their lives. It can be something as simple as enamel shaping, which as the name implies, removing and shaping a portion of a tooth to improve a patient’s smile line. Many times with the placement of a tooth colored resin a tooth can be restored to its proper shape and form. Even a tooth that may be slightly misaligned can be corrected. Sometimes, a discolored or defective tooth can be restored to an esthetic condition without the need for a crown.


Great choice for tooth replacement. Less expensive than implants and does not have to be removed for cleaning. A bridge is one of the three tooth replacement options when you are missing a tooth. A bridge typically involves placing crowns on the teeth adjoining the space where the tooth is missing. A pontic, or artificial tooth is attached to these crowns, restoring the missing tooth or teeth. A bridge is a fixed prosthesis meaning that it stays in your mouth and is not removed.

Invisible Braces (Invisalign)

Straight teeth are less likely to get cavities or periodontal disease. From a dental health standpoint, straighter teeth are best, plus you can get a confident smile. Invisalign treatment is shorter, it costs less, you have no restrictions on what you can eat, and its much easier to clean your teeth and gums.

Root Canal

A root canal is when we clean and shape the inner chamber of a tooth and then place and inert material, one that does not interact with the body. We urge our patients not to believe everything they hear about root canals, come in for a free consultation and get the facts.

Tooth Whitening

We offer “whitening for life” to our patients of record. For $99 we make a custom fit tray and give our patients whitening gel. As they return for their periodic dental health exam and cleanings gel is given. Whitening when completed should last up to two years.


We love to see children and are very familiar with their individual needs. The proper care of the primary teeth and guidance/development of the adult teeth can prevent many tooth problems.

Oral Surgery

Including tooth removal and full mouth tooth removal. We do most surgical procedures including wisdom tooth removal. Happy gas available but referrals are given for deeper sedation. We receive many referrals from other dentists that do not remove teeth.

Complete Dentures

The patient knows exactly how the teeth will look before final processing. We can guarantee at the time of completion that they will fit as tight as humanly possible.

Partials Dentures

Least expensive tooth replacement option.


We restore implants and refer for surgical replacement.


From fillings to crown build ups and everything in between.

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We treat our patients like family, and do so in our state of the art locations in both Ames and Ankeny so we can serve Central Iowa. Still not sure? Set up a free consultation and see what sets Pollard Family Dentistry apart from the rest today.